Shaman can use this spell to return original Point [the Home Point]. For buying and selling, do task, and meet people, and so on are very convenient.

Regeneration technique "Rebirth" resurrection players! This is a kind of valuable ability, will be very helpful for team. Seismic technique [Earth Shock  - a direct damage spells, at the same time can also be used to interrupt spellcasting. You can cast this spell while running.

Rockbiter Weapon [Rockbiter Weapon  - increase the additional damage to each attack.

The Spirit soul Magic Magic

Purification (disperse)  Purge (Dispel)  - eliminate the effect of a spell. If there is a certain gain spells an enemy, you can use purify to eliminate it, it will be easy to deal with some enemy.

Perspective the Far Sight  - let the cast saw the specify the target area. This magic for reconnaissance, search for some NPC and pure entertainment are very useful. Perspective is great.

Fire spells [Fire Magic

Flamestrike  Flame Shock  - burning, damage in a certain period of time. If you will fight with a monster for a long time using this spell. If you use this monster to hang up soon it's waste.

Flame tongue weapons [Flametongue Weapon  - increases the damage of the fire in your arms. This ability will increase on your weapon amazing flame effect, it will be very attract people's attention. You can run while casting this ability.

Lava burst [for Molten Blast  - direct damage spells. You can choose to use it to instead of the arrow of Lightning [from Bolt . You can even on talents specializing in fire and then use the spell to do main attack.