The function of the talent actually is... Um...... The DPS? We can write some introduction, but you don't see below.

- look at the back of the gift.

Holy maneuver dart

825 mana 30 yards 8-1 SEC cast CD 30 seconds

Finally, you can pull yourself to blame. But often will lead to disastrous GW2 Gold  onsequences, such as a frisbee plays into the small red room.

- note that this is a versatile skills, it is the only paladin ability. You see, we still did not forget   Guild Wars 2 Gold vper teeth.

True, the liquidation

Make ret paladin really let a person feel fear / 60/80/100% lower chance of 20/40.

Mew: ahaha, it's here. The 5 point talent can make ret paladin in PVP is impressive, so here is the most safe, they are not enough.

-- yes, we know that you never point this talent. But you should see the ret paladin face lol.

The tenth layer talent (45 points in protection Guild Wars 2 Gold Kaufen input)

Another junk talent (1) requires 1 point talent

This is 100% a gourmet gift for PVP.

- you really don't want to PVP, right?

- well, the real tank talent will appear.

Improved holy laugh at